Easyway Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. specializes in processing student visa, tourist visa, PR

Assist and guide the candidate through the complete process to secure admission in school/college/university.

Counseling of candidate at various stages of immigration process in file, interview, medical and visa.

Advise the candidate of ongoing requirement by the visa office with respect to the clients case.

Personalized Free Assessments. Our documentation experts create superior SOP (Statement of Purpose) and prepare the entire application on your behalf

Email responses to your inquiries, telephone discussion with our recognized full members.

Prepare and submit your application and supporting documents in a timely fashion.

Help you in the preparation of your personal interview.

Track your application Status.

Provide you with a client login,where you can upload your documents and see your application status online.

Our research reports are among the best in the world and will give you the complete information & help you to make right decision.


Provide free Pick up from airport.

Arrange economical accommodation on prior request at the contractual Welcome homes having Boarding & loading facilities at the current market rate .

Assist in opening bank accounts, apply for credit card , provide financial and taxation guidance and assist in transferring money as per Government of India Regulations.

Arrange for sightseeing city tours giving an overview of the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Provide orientation of country life style , education ,resume preparation , communities and work environment.